The car is a HUGE bummer. But. It is what it is. 

I agree with your comments on the chapters. I never intended for those to be the actual titles, just an indication for what they might contain at this point. And I agree with your thoughts on the word ''thing'' completely. 

I will keep working, you enjoy your travels. 


I have a format in my mind as far as how pages will be organized, it is more a question of how these thoughts could progress. I was thinking of doing something to the effect of section one: what we know (simple things that can't be argued) Sections two: things that have always been (less obvious than section one but things that are innately true to us as human beings, with an obvious focus on heidegger) section three: how things are changing (focus on auge) and section four as the questions that remain.... the sections would have to be modified but I feel like it should be set up almost like a logical proof.. like there needs to be some sort of progression but I haven't been able to organize it enough in my mind.. and it isn't exactly linear.. so.. I don't know. 

I have no problem continuing into the fall with this project. You are my studio prof btw, so that will make it easier. uhm... yeah.. I guess I will keep working thinking seeing and taking pictures.. I need to draw more while I am home. I haven't been sketching like I should be lately. Guilty as charged. 

More to come on the itinerary.. family thinks I need to sell the car :( and it would sell better in cali than in cinci... which would blow my whole trip [which would obviously be terrible].. but it would be a way to pay for fall quarter tuition as well.. sooooooooooooo. We will see. I am going to spend as much time in various parts of the bar area taking pictures and drawing in the meantime.. hopefully something will come together so that I can salvage at least parts of the trip though. 

Have fun.. I will keep plugging away. 


i dont know how to focus or organize this.... help would be helpful...

p.s i am in cali now :)



Yeah, I got the email as well. I just logged into the site  for professional practice and answered the questions the best I could. It is designed for the end of a co-op experience at a firm, which this is obviously very different from. I am not sure what you are required to fill out because I only have access to my part of the paperwork, but I will do my best to help you out if you have questions. 

Don't worry, I know you are busy and I have been too. I am completing my last week of work and getting ready to go back to California on Monday. Here is the 'Itinerary,' if you will:

Aug 31st: SLC -> Napa (12 Hours Driving)
Sept. 14th: Napa -> LA (7 Hours Driving)
Sept. 16th: LA -> Flagstaff (7 Hours Driving), Flagstaff -> Albuquerque (5 Hours Driving)
Sept. 17th: Albuquerque -> AUSTIN (12 Hours Driving)
Sept. 18th: AUSTIN -> New Orleans (8 Hours Driving)
Sept. 20th: New Orleans -> Cincinnati (12 Hours Driving)

I am hoping to stop in the Flagstaff area for a few hours to poke around some of the ruins that are about 45 mins from the city.. I had originally planned on stopping in Houston but I have a friend living in Austin I can stay with, so I am going to leave Austin early, try to spend a few hours in Houston before going on to New Orleans. I am staying in New Orleans for a day to explore, I am interested in possibly spending my next co-op quarter there if I can find a job near the city. 

But yeah, working on going through my notes in and out of the book and considering how to format this book.. I have a few ideas on how it could develop but more on that once these notes are complete. 

Good Luck this week.

The Near & Elsewhere

Notes: process of collecting thoughts and ideas:

Finding a positive definition of Anthropological Research: 
-Question of the other [in the present]
deals with the other simultaneously in several senses. Unique to other fields it deals with all forms of the other: exotic, private, ethnic, ect. 
-Absolute individuality is unthinkable 
-Question: What would you call essential or private otherness?
"The need for essential, private, otherness is related to the need for individuality. It makes it impossible to discern between collective identity and individual identity" (??) PG 16
-What is Concrete in Anthropology? 
Something is to be seen in terms of orders of magnitude from which all individual variables have been eliminated. Mauss restricts and mutilates the idea of individuality. The individual is merely an expression of the group. The totality can only be expressed from a certain angle.

[does this mean, perhaps, the individual is not as simple as the group/totality? If the totality is only an aspect of the 'individual' does that not contradict Mauss' argument for the idea of individuality being impossible? Or is it that because all individuals fall within the totality of the group, despite their differences, their 'individuality' is lacking value?]

The Changing World 
-The contemporary world with its accelerated transformations is attracting anthropological scrutiny. These new conditions are bringing a renewed methodical reflection of otherness. 

Form of Excess #1: Time
-Our perception of time and how we use/dispose of it has changed.
"Time is no longer a principle of intelligibility"
-Principles of history have changed. Problems with Classic History: Method (anecdotal, not reliable), Object, Question of Usefulness. 
-Now it is not for these technical reasons that we have problems with history, but for more fundamental reasons. Because of the acceleration of time it is difficult to make time into a principle of intelligibility, let alone a principle of identity. Now contemporaries are showing us what we are by showing us what we are no longer. We are seeking to find what is different about us now, hoping to find within the spectacle of this difference, the sudden flash of an unfindable identity. 
"Deciphering of what we are in the light of what we are no longer" - Pierre Nora (pg21)
-An acceleration of history: 
History: a series of events recognized as events by a large number of people.
We have encountered an over-investment of meaning. We have a daily need to give things meaning, need to give meaning to the present. 
-The essential quality of the super-modern is excess
-It is our need to understand the whole of the present that makes it so difficult for us to give meaning to the recent past. (pg25)

Form of Excess #2: Changes in Space
-Rapid transport. 
-From your home you can see instant or simultaneous events occurring on the other side of the world (even if you presuppose that it is a manipulated selection of tainted viewing).
-We can recognize all parts of the world despite never experiencing it. 
-We live in a universe that is homogenous in its diversity 
-Spacial Overabundance : we are essentially a universe of recognition, rather than a universe of knowledge. The ideal would be to create "signifying spaces" in the world. Societies identify with cultures conceived as complete wholes. We desire a universe of meaning. (Pg 27)
- Territories in soil still exist but do not ACT as defining territories in reality. Physical space is penetrated by the technology of the contemporary. 

Non-Places: are in opposition of places (location in time and place), in opposition to Mauss, and in opposition of tradition. Unprecedented. 
As we create a world where the terrestrial world can be thought of in terms of unity, now we want particularism, a mother country, a place away from the clamor. "A land of Roots"
[we are STILL MORTAL, we still carry a need to DWELL, need for personal identity, a connection with ones environment, peace, cultivation, ect.]
Shifting of spacial parameters = spacial overabundance. 
Changes of scale, changes of parameter, we are now poised to undertake the study of new civilizations and new cultures. 

We do not understand our contemporary world because we have not learned how to look at it. 
"The world of supermodernity does not exactly match the one in which we believe we live, or we live in a world that we have not learned to look at. We have to relearn to think about space. 

Form of Excess #3: Ego
-In Western Societies the individual wants to be a "world in himself". He intends to interpret the information delivered to him by himself and for himself. Even in religion [ex: Catholics prefer to practice in "their own fashion"].
-Never before have individual histories been explicitly affected by collective history, but never before, either, have the reference points of collective identification been so UNSTABLE. 
"The individual production of meaning is thus more necessary than ever" Pg30
-Political Language: hinged on a theme of individual freedoms
-Character of Production: talks of body, the senses, and freshness of living
-"It is the person we consider healthy in mind who is alienated, since he agrees to exist in  a world defined by relations with others"

:Anthropological Place Still to Come:


Why Arch Daily keeps me up

OH! And I saw this last night... I thought it was quite entertaining... Had you heard of this competition? 

Very Very Interesting....

2:30 AM

There is a lot more I want to say in response to what you posted (thank you again, for taking the time, by the way) but I just got off work and its 2:30 in the morning.. so UGh..

I could stay up all night writing. 

I am going to post tomorrow before work... mostly because I am way too tired to get into this now.. and IF I get into it, I will really get into it.. so.. 

As a quick side note:

1) Every Arch daily post I look at relates, in some context, to this project.. it is easier actually to look at something that is being developed now, with information of intent and purpose, than it is to imply or assume those reasonings. If you look at some of the new posts you can see my comments, you will laugh as they are strongly driven by what I have read. It is much easier to apply these ideas and concepts to things than to figments of things. If that makes sense.

2) I am not going to bother posting my notes from Auge.. some are organized in my notebook/sketchbook and some are written in margins, and unless you think it is necessary for me to post them here for you I will not. They have basically culminated into my current understanding, which will come through in the next bit of this process..

3) I need to read more specifically into Serres. Somehow I never really got around to it.. but it is on a list (a list that is finally getting shorter) of things I want to do before wrapping this up. 

4) I made money tonight that I will (more than likely) never see as an architect... Oh how depressing it is. Gotta love the college job though...